Corporate Branding/ Decoration on Apparel


  • Most Durable Printing Method
  • Smooth and Vibrant Finishing
  • Exact Pantone Color Matching
  • Cost Efficient for Large Quantities
  • Unable to Product Color Gradient
  • Expensive for Smaller Quantities
  • Expensive for Multi-Color Print
silk screen Ipoh


  • Durable and Lasting
  • Professional and Premium Finishing
  • Price Not Sensitive to Colors in Design
  • Cost Efficient for Large Quantities
  • Unable to Product Color Gradient
  • Expensive for Smaller Quantities
  • Limited Printing Size


  • Suitable for Design with Multiple Colors
  • Able to Producte Color Gradient
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Suitable for Smaller Quantities
  • Print tends for Fade after 40 Washes
  • Expensive for Larger Quantities
  • Feels like a Piece of Sticker Over the Shirt
  • 5% to 10% Color Different
dye sublimation in Ipoh


  • Durable and Lasting
  • Smooth Finishing
  • Suitable for Designs with Multiple Colors
  • Able to Produce Color Gradient
  • Very Expensive
  • 10% to 20% Color Difference
  • Can Only Be Printed on 100% White Colored Polyester
  • List Item

Ready to customize T-Shirts & Apparels?

We believe that T-Shirt Printing should be easy and hassle-free. Custom T-Shirts represent the identity of a group of individuals, be it for an event or a corproate team. That is why our passionate crew are here to provide the best experience for you.


For brands that want even more distinction and prestige, let YOS help you create a unique image for your business with customised uniform and merchandise.  

Our team of designers and stylists experts will work with you to develop a range of clothing and accessories that not only exceed your expectations, but also outshine the competition. Think high-end contemporary “signature style” for a cohesive and functional uniform style across your entire business.

If you are an industry game-changer who values style and wants to achieve a strong point of difference, I think we’re going to get on just fine.

Customise your Apparel according to your Pantone color, contact us to understand more.


Absolutely, our aim to is deliver as per customer requirement and based on our experience and capability we are able to match as per customer requirements. That is our key strength that makes us proud.

Definitely, we have our own facilities and machines that support our production, let us know your quantity and lead time, we will do the rest.

We are in the industry for several years with proven track record to supply medium to large scale demand such as own brand. We are capable to supply bulk quantity requirements and ensuring to keep all your brand properties secured, confidential and according to our agreement.