Corporate Solutions

At YOS, we are committed to help our corporate clients manage their apparel needs through seamless and efficient outsourcing, allowing them to save time and money. All of our uniform solution are designed with your specific industry in mind. Whether your business operates locally, nationally or even internationally, our Corporate Solution Services were specifically created and time-tested to meet your challenging needs.

YOS has a proven track record for assisting large, multi-national companies in streamlining their Uniform Programs resulting in significant cost savings, better inventory management, maximization of ordering efficiencies and creating a professional standardized look across all business.

We offer a wide selection of uniform types and sizes with the option to add branded emblems, logos and other types of personalization. We are dedicated to quickly responding to any needed repair, replacement or support issue, making YOS the best choice for anyone looking for a full-service uniform provider.

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Social Compliance

Your goods are made in work shops that have passed their exams when it comes to fair treatment for the workers and compliance of safety standards. 


Depending on client requirements we provide samples. Any other sampling requirements? Let us know.

Creative Service​

You will be guaranteed to receive good input on a design. Our creative support include brushing up artwork idea input for fabrics to use and improving general outlook


Fabrics are tested for seam slippage, pilling, cross-staining, colour fastness, shrinkage, harmful substances and consumer wash- Any other testing requirements? Let us know!

Customer Support​

Your goods are made in work shops that have passed their exams when it comes to fair treatment for the workers and compliance of safety standards. Our workshops are WRAP and BSCI certified.


Whether it’s fabrics, print patterns or trims, we will provide plenty of input based on your sourcing requests. We have all the resources available to get you everything you need.

Quality Control

Goods are all carefully checked by our QC team before being packed and shipped out Loose threads are trimmed, defected
items are repaired or removed, and shortages are replenished.


Your designs are your designs and not your competitor’s. Your product will not be shown to any of our other clients, and we have strict rules against use of our client’s designs by third parties

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our founder have been in the manufacturing line for more than 20years, with our expertise, we could source your needs.

We do not have MOQ, we take small or bulk order.

For Custom made design, at least 30days, speak to us if you have a dateline to fit in.