Do you know that a piece of Uniform could be a walking advertisement for your company?

YOS UNIFORM was established in 2007 with the following principal activities: Manufacturing of garments, bed linen & other cotton related products. Since then it has embarked on an ambitious strategy to expand, modernize and upgrade its infrastructure, equipment and services to increase its efficiency, reliability and competitiveness. Our show room and office is located at Medan Istana, Ipoh, Malaysia.


YOS Uniform, technical support is providing by its manufacturing principal company, First Task, which was incorporated in Malaysia in 1985 to carry on the business as a specialist in the production and supply of garments and cotton related products.


Since YOS inception in 2017, with the strong management skill and more than 30 years experience and expertise of the founders, it has formed a team of highly skilled and enthusiastic workforce striving nothing short of excellence in production, quality and service. Whether it’s in a small volume or bulk order, YOS provide a comprehensive range from uniform to merchandise, a whole corporate solution catering for industrial, healthcare and beauty,hospitality, sports and various industries. 


YOS Uniform as the marketing arm is considered as a leader in garment manufacturing, distribution, sales and services in Malaysia and has recently expanded its business to China, Singapore, Taiwan and Germany. 

Humbly speaking, creating a positive and productive culture is our bread and butter. In YOS, we learnt that when we identify our company core values, we hire by them and work by them, our company will then have a long term path to success, profit and grow.
In YOS Company Culture, we embrace our diversity and each other’s individuality. With our unique company culture, we are confidence to deliver a great customer services to our clients.

We focus on building and maintaining strong partnership with clients

The use of outstanding and clear service with transparent communication

We are building a platform and products we believe in since the 1990s.